The Art of Surrendering: Develop Contentment and Peace of Mind

The Art of Surrendering: Develop Contentment and Peace of Mind

Contentment and peace of mind can only be achieved when the mind is free of stress, strife and negatively charged thinking. It is obvious that eliminating the fundamental cause of stress is the key to achieving this goal.

The causes of stress are many, especially considering the complicated lifestyles that humans have adopted in the last two centuries. The best method of overcoming stress is to concentrate our thinking on objects that can provide eternal peace and happiness. It is up to the individual person to contemplate and realize the facts about the real source of happiness in life.

If the person decides that material happiness is the ultimate truth, then he will leave on stone unturned to seek happiness in that direction.

In contrast, if he realises the true bliss does not exist in material achievements, the person will seek happiness in the spiritual realm, as there is no other place to explore!

Spiritual growth comes with acquiring knowledge of the self, the world and the nature of God. Learning about the divine requires a teacher who knows God and has attained God. That person is a Guru and it is only he who can guide a seeker through the lanes of darkness towards eternal light.

To learn from the Guru, one needs to surrender his mind and intellect. The process of surrender begins when a fortunate seeker finds a true Guru who can teach him how to find true happiness.

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