Essence of Yoga

Essence of Yoga

Yog has no age barrier.

Whether one is on the threshold of life, or in the spring of youthfulness, or has become oldóanybody can practice it as there are no restrictive factors. Irrespective of cultural and religious background, Yog practice possesses the capacity of tuning the body and mind to the laws of nature and the infinite Divinity, and forges an integrated personality of the practitioner. Yog is a rational discipline with powerful tools for conquering the stormy mind and harnessing the physical and mental energies. It greatly helps an aspirant rapidly move toward Divinity.

Yog incorporates the science of healthy and righteous living into our daily life. It works on all aspects of an individual physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

It takes into purview the mind, the body, and the soul of a jiva in its aim of reaching the Absolute. Yog has the power of integrating the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions of a jiva.

The body must be purified and strengthened through various practices. The mind must be cleansed of all gross factors and turn both inward and toward the Absolute in order to attain unmitigated peace, satisfaction, and bliss. This requires the collective development of various facets of our personality. Therefore, we must learn the art of attaining perfect health of body, mind, intellect, and soul. For this, we need a judicious blend of spiritual and material sciences.

Thus, Yog builds awareness of the body and experiences, along with increasing awareness of the needs of others. Besides, exercising the mind and muscles, Yog exercises and massages the glands and organs, and increases circulation throughout the body, resulting in improved digestion, elimination of toxins, and promotion of overall health.

Yog is the most advanced form of healing for the body, mind and soul. Asans and pranayam can be a life saver when used as a preventive method of curbing diseases, ailments and other health problems.

When practised as a therapeutic system of medicine after diagnosis of a particular health problem, it has the power to heal almost every disease or ailment known to man. Certain life threatening situations such as accident and trauma cases with grievous injuries, some congenital physical disabilities, etc. cannot be treated by yogasans and pranayam.


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